GAIPS – Group of Artificial Intelligence for People and Society

Grupo de Agentes Inteligentes para Pessoas e Sociedade is a research group on agents and synthetic characters at  INESC-ID. We are located in TagusPark, as a Técnico Lisboa campus, near Lisbon. GAIPS gathers the knowledge and expertise from fields such as  Intelligent Virtual Agents, Affective Computing, Reinforcement Learning, Game Theory, Multi-Agent Societies, Intelligent Interactive Storytelling, Social Robotic Companions and Computer Games. With the support of INESC-ID and a vast experience on internacional projects GAIPS is the best place for Intelligent Agent research.



Meet the Team


Manuel Guimarães
PhD Student, Researcher

PhD Student at Instituto Superior Técnico and a Researcher at GAIPS, INESC-ID, in Lisbon, Portugal

Samuel Mascarenhas
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Post-Doctoral Researcher and Developer at GAIPS, INESC-ID in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Rui Prada
Associate Professor, Senior Researcher

Associate Professor of Computer Science at Instituto Superior Técnico and Senior Researcher at GAIPS.

João Dias
Assistant Professor , Senior Researcher

Assistant professor at the Computer Science Department of Instituto Superior Técnico and Senior Researcher at GAIPS

Pedro Santos
Assistant Professor, Senior Researcher

Senior Researcher at GAIPS, INESC-ID and an Assistant Professor at the Mathematics Department of Instituto Superior Técnico.

Ana Paiva
Full Professor and Coordinator of GAIPS

Full Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico the Coordinator of GAIPS at INESC-ID .



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