FAtiMA Starter Kit

To quickly start learning and playing with FAtiMA Toolkit we have designed a very simple and easy to use Unity Project. It is also a good example of the integration of FAtiMA in a game engine.

The FAtiMA Starter Kit project is a great way to start using FAtiMA. It describes features a small conversation scenario between the Player and a Role Play Character.

Users can author this scenario using the Authoring Tool or learn how to use the FAtiMA C# library by editing the code.

Additionally it provides an example of the Toolkit’s synergy with 3D Characters and animations.

We encourage all users to play with this project and make it their own. You can find this project either on GitHub our in our NAS repository, additionally there is also a a Windows Build in case you want to avoid any type of code and wish only to play around with characters and scenarios.

FAtiMA Starter Kit Source Unity Project

FAtiMA Starter Kit Source Windows Build 

FAtiMA Starter Kit Github repository


All of these versions also come with the Authoring Tools included. In the “FAtiMA Starter Kit\Assets\FAtiMA” folder and opening the “IntegratedAuthoringToolWF.exe” file.

The scenario files are available in the “Streaming Assets” folder. Using the Authoring Tool you can open the Example.iat file, for the simple conversation scenario. The multi character scenario can be found the the folder  “FAtiMA-Starter-Kit\Assets\StreamingAssets\MultiCharacterExample\SampleEncounter.iat

In order to learn how to code using the FAtiMA functions we suggest you take a look at the “FAtiMA as a C# library” post. 

In order to understand how the Unity Integration is done, we suggest taking a look at the Unity Integration post. 

3-Way Conversations

There are several different ways of implementing a conversation where all role play characters are able to participate. One way of doing this is using Social Exchanges and the Comme ill Faut asset just as the example shown in the “Demo” section.

A simpler way would be using some of the Dialogue Actions tags to specifically say who do you want to speak to next and then in the game properly apply the effects of that action. We did something similar (using the World Model to apply the effects) in the newest version of the Starter Kit.

Recently we have also added another Unity scene containing a simple “3-way conversation” scenario with 2 virtual characters (making the player the 3rd character).

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