FAtiMA Toolkit is a collection of tools and assets designed for the creation of characters (virtual or robotic) with social and emotional intelligence.

FAtiMA is Character-centric which means that, the Narrative emerges from how the player and the agents interact with each other in accordance to their given narrative goals.

FAtiMA Toolkit is composed by lot of different pieces working together, as seen in the figure below.



FAtiMA Toolkit is what we call the application that handles all the modules seen above. Not only it has the resources to build and design a model-based interaction scenario but it also provides tools for the authors to debug and test the scenario without the need of an actual game/scenario implementation.

FAtiMA Toolkit is a Windows Form application which can be downloaded from our NAS server (or alternatively, by downloading the FAtiMA Toolkit solution from the Github repository and following the steps described in FAtiMA as a C# Library) .

The following image is a screenshot of FAtiMA Toolkit v3.0:

Next we will take a look at the Integrated Authoring Tool

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